We're in a weird situation atm. We have to make an exit out of the country in May, so we can return and leave the country in June with our boat. At first, we were aiming for making a quick exit to South Korea, but if we do that we won't be allowed back in :/ :/ :/. With cases of COVID-19 rising everywhere, we're not sure where to go.

Thinking of asking for a visa extension, to avoid having to leave all-together, but I read that this was difficult to do, that most reasons are not valid in their eyes. But seeing as this involves the virus, perhaps they'll think it a good reason? :/

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@rek you have a special situation -- vast majority of people don't have their own boat and use it to travel. they might accept it. I can give you a referral to a good immigration lawyer, if you want.

@cancel We were thinking of visiting the immigration office in Nagoya to ask questions, see if it's at all possible.

@cancel Depending on what they say, may ask for help :>.

@rek yeah, I think that is a good idea to just ask them directly, first.

@rek You're a greater risk if you travel anywhere else. Under the circumstances, that seems like a pretty valid consideration!

@grey Yea, that's what we think too... we're going to try anyway, see what happens. Hopefully they won't recommend us going back to Canada XD...

@rek At the very least, working with them to decide what you should do seems like the right plan, as they can hopefully ensure that if you do need to leave, that you can also come back at the designated time.

@rek Are there any small island nations that you could sail to easily off the coast of Japan? One's too small to appear on maps?

@drisc Well. There's China. Haha...
or Russia, though it isn't close, or easy to get to.

@rek Would a short sailing trip outside Japanese territorial waters be sufficient? Maybe a week or so but without actually stopping anywhere else. Serious “self isolation”.

@edavies Naw, need to check into another country in-between.

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