I've begun transcribing the ship's logs of our passage from Japan to Canada, we'll release more daily. Be warned, some of this might be distressing to some people.


bon voyage! is that what you say to sailors? have a good ocean!

♥ you folks 🙏

@rek @neauoire was reading the log just when you uploaded it 😋

so glad that you are okay. take care of yourself and enjoy the little things and each other

@rek Intense stuff, dang. It’s great you kept such a thorough log! Congrats too, for the “promise” :)

@rek wow reading this is amazing! Did you write an entry the night it happened or?

also the part after june 17th 0600 is a wild ride with a great ending ;-; 😭

@nx @rek yeah! It certainly was a concern when your tracker map was not updating.

@nx @rek "If the wind had a face I'd punch it." Ahaha.
NZ Cornmeal wooo!

Wow. What a trip. Looking forward to the rest.

Glad you are both safe now.

@kor @nx @rek Our cornmeal lasts the longest of any cornmeal in the world (per capita)

One day we will get a warband together and we will do something about Weather

@rek I really like the way you write! And glad to hear that you got back to shore safely :D Some bits sounded positively scary.

...and looking forward to when you'll have access to an oven once again :3

@rek @neauoire Holy fucking shit. I just finished reading the whole thing. Yoooo, ça fait peur!!
Quand j'ai lu hier que le voyage de retour avait été difficile, je sais pas ce que je m'imaginais, mais lire ça était pire!
Je savais pas que la mer pouvait être aussi rough pour des navigateurs modernes avec de l'équipement moderne de 2020!!!

@narF @rek Ouais, on a pas vaincu la planete, ca me fait rire que le monde veulent aller sur Mars..

@neauoire @narF @rek c’est pas l’homme qui prend la mer, c’est la mer qui prend l’homme ta dada :D


Knowing you're safe now makes this a far less chilling read. Sounds like you had a terrifying adventure out there.

@rek holy shit. I am very happy y’all made it safe. Its wild how survival mode changes everything.

@rek mon dieu..... mon dieu....

je suis tellement content que vous soyez sains et saufs.

@rek @neauoire I was captivated top to bottom. Congratulations on so many things big and small worth celebrating. I'm thankful for your good health, wishing your feet on land soon, and eagerly awaiting updates at your leisure!

@rek @neauoire Woow what a trip!! So glad you are safe! And congratulations :tealheart: It's a movie way to propose ahah!

@rek This reads like a sea horror story but hopefully ends well. So glad you made it!

Holy shit! What a trip! I hope you recover from your back injury and your mental stress. It is horrible when there is no way to press "pause" or leave the ride early. The only way out is to keep pushing forward. I feel the pain you both go through, but I hope you do not give up on it and your sailing life. You two are amazing!

@rek Glad you're both safe, welcome back to Canada. I'm in Vancouver, but if I can help in any way let me know.

@rek thank you for sharing this. It is a really great read. I'm glad you made it safely, and I look forward to reading the rest of your trip

Wow... Sounds like you two have been to hell and back again... Glad you made it to safety!
I hope this trip hasn't put you off sailing?

The sailing jargon made some of it a bit hard to understand, but I'm looking forward to reading the next part!

Also, congrats on your engagement! :D

@rek That is *intense*. The bit right after the capsize though makes a heckuva an engagement story tho! 😄

Glad y’all are safe.

@rek @neauoire June 16th 0600 DO YOU STILL REMEMBER THE DREAM

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