@rek such wanderlust. Glad you guys are having such a magical time so that I can in another life.

@Lutrinus It is ;_____; couldn't believe the size of it, and those colours ahh <3

@rek this video captures such an appealing sense of peaceful isolation, no wonder you have such fond memories of Minamiise! It’s reminiscent of the “forgotten” parts of Japan inhabited by the social circle profiled in Andy Couturier’s “The Abundance of Less”

@shi That looks like an amazing book. And yea, i'll miss this place forever, it was a perfect balance of nature and civilization. I really hope to go back someday, and I know that when we do it will not have changed much :>, that is a comforting thought.

@rek do you use alternative video hosting services?

@not7cd You mean like peertube? I've thought about it, maybe for a new series of videos.

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