"No matter how far Ray Kurzweil gets with his artificial intelligence project at Google, we cannot simply rise from the chrysalis of matter as pure consciousness. There’s no Dropbox plan that will let us upload body and soul to the cloud. We are still here on the ground, with the same people and on the same planet we are being encouraged to leave behind. There’s no escape from the others."

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@rek on the scientific/neurological/cog-sci side, a project like this is doomed and reflects a really poor understanding of mind.
Cognition is embodied, our mind is not a brain alone. No body, no mind.

@0gust1 @rek You hear phrasings like, "we should try to upload human minds to computers". Despite the sorts of ideas Kurtzweil likes to talk about, the thing that Google are actually doing with their AI project (is he really directing that??) does not resemble that at all, but would lead to an end state that Kurtzweil probably considers to be basically the same because he's weird.

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