Think I may have found us an alcohol stove for Pino! Going to see it on Tuesday :>.

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@rek Those are great! I used an alcohol stove when I was living in my van.

Be aware that it produces a bit more moisture than a propane stove, and depending on the alcohol it will put out soot. The higher proof or % the alcohol the less soot you will get.

@dualhammers Yea it's okay, I'm prepared to live with this :>. I love cooking with propane, but want to get away from using petroleum products.

@rek Oh I figured, just wanted to make sure you were aware to avoid any extra cleanup. :)

I just moved into my new place and I"m already thinking about getting a fireless cooker and unplugging my fridge.

@dualhammers I appreciate it. At least the area where the stove is is easy to clean :>.

What kind of cooker you thinking?

@rek Well, I have an instapot I got while I was living in my place without a kitchen, and that was more efficient than the microwave.

The most efficiency method might be a pressure cooker with a thermal basket, but I would likely have to make that since most I find accommodate a dutch oven type pot.

@rek I would need to get a wattage meter to figure out the specifics, and I don't want to buy a bunch of geegaws I will throw out later.

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