Watched "My Octopus Teacher" a few days ago, and it nearly brought to tears. If you spend enough time in a wild environment, learning more about the creatures and plants that live there, it's awful hard not to care.

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@rek i'm slowly reading Other Minds, which details the separate evolutionary path that the octopus brain & sentience went down. it contains magnificent anecdotes about their mischievousness and surprising intelligence :3

@cblgh Oooh thx for mentionning it, I'll check it out!

@rek did you hear about the Orcas in the Mediterranean coordinating attacks on small ships? 😨 some scientists are not sure what's up, that maybe the population feels threatened. maybe they just got bored.

@theruran Wow. No i haven't heard of this! Up here in Canada they play with sailboats, one is known for grabbing onto chains and dragging them around, though never heard of coordinated attacks like this. Read a few articles, one suggested that maybe something happened to a calf (caught in a net)? Maybe it was out of stress? Poor things must be real upset to do that...

@theruran "the ramming could indicate stress, which could be associated with the nets and long lines found along the Straits and the fact that the area is a major shipping route."

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