Got our hands on an Origo 3000 alcohol stove! Will be experimenting with this in the coming days. It's in a very good condition :>.

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@rek That is lovely! Please tell us how you find alcohol compares to propane for cooking. I’ve been thinking of switching.

@Shufei Will do! We'll go look for some alcohol for it tomorrow :>.

@rek Ta! And PS: if you find a good cheap distributor in NorthAm for bulk supply, please let me know. Cooking alcohol is weirdly harder to source than propane, at least for daily use.

@rek thought it was a turn table set for a second. Interested to here out it works out!

@rek Great find! I tried to get my hands on one of the single burners once.

@dualhammers An Origo you mean? If i hadn't found this one, i would have looked for single burners. Yea I didn't expect to find one so quickly! I supposed a lot of ppl had them, but weren't using them... which was the case for this one. Was accumulating dust.

@rek People love the convenience of propane and propane accessories.

@rek I had no idea this existed and I'm amazed.
It's so beautiful too,

@Lambdanaut Yesterday Devine shined the top so it's even nicer now :D. I was aware it existed before, but never read much about it. Also, it's increasingly rarer on boats, though it's super common in camping.

@rek Hmmmm. Wonder how hard it would be to brew your own fuel.

@kor @rek Do you add anything to the Origo fuel to make the flame more visible? Though, even without that, I suppose it's still more safe than a propane tank.

@cancel @kor No I haven't read anything about adding something to it. Yea it's relatively safe, it's easy to douse the flame with the little gate (turned with the knob), plus it wont spill because of the absorbent material inside of the fuel cannisters.

@cancel @kor Mind you, this is from what I read. I've yet to try it. I found some alcohol today, but I still need to find a squirt-type bottle to fill the cannisters without making a mess.

@kor I've read about people doing it. Though you need a big enough space to do it in, and some places require permits to distill ethanol, I think? Takes 3-10 days.

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