Marina showers used to work on a timer with coins, now you pay with a card that you can top up electronically. Today the server is down, and so the showers don't work, and staff can't get into the room to fix it. No showers for anyone today.
Kind of a shit system. Same thing would happen during a power outage.

@rek imagine the meeting to propose changing it.

"Anything wrong with the coin-op showers?"

"Well, they aren't modern enough."

"Have I got the solution for you."

@rek I'm so glad metered showers aren't a thing in the Mediterranean! Well, mostly. I think we encountered one or two, in which case we showered on the back of the boat in protest :)

@yngmar Well showers being metered isn't a bad thing, as it encourages respectful usage.
I don't take showers often anyway, and when i do the allotted time is enough.

@rek @yngmar I don't know, makes me think of those toilets poping up everywhere that you have to pay. It's not really expensive (0.3€, I think) but kind of rubs me the wrong way.

Also, maybe they changed because they didn't trust their worker who collected the coins ?

@Niquarl @yngmar Yea but those are public facilities, and they're likely doing that to discourage certain ppl (which is real shitty). I hate those too.
The facilities I'm going to are private, but many ppl share it, and they don't have a ton of stalls. Ppl stay in there forever if they've got 'infinity' showers, and i have been to places where ppl are stupid AF and leave water running. I think it does help to reduce waste.

@Niquarl @yngmar I think they might have changed their system because of covid, not sure tho. Seems recent. Either that or they thought 'hey, we should upgrade because who even uses coins anymore!' Maybe someone sold them on the idea.

OR, or maybe they discovered ppl cheating the coin showers, cause you can do that, and they were sick of it?

@rek @yngmar I'm rewatching The Sopranos and I'm at the episode where all the franchises come in to town and their 'protection business' can't operate with them because all their business is kept electronically and all the money needs to be accounted for.

@rek @yngmar If it's private though I have no problems with it.
I think actually they've got some of those in the street toilets to be private with a business paying rent to the city or something in my country nowadays.

I guess it's good because it increases the number of availlable toilets but I personnally think a city should be forced to have public toilets for hygiene based on area size and population. How else can we reasonably stop men just pissing on the walls afterall ?

@rek @yngmar Just like bins basically. Can't ever really complain that your town is littered if there are not bins a bit everywhere honestly.

@Niquarl @yngmar Well in Japan its like that, no bins. Ppl bring their trash home with them. I think that's actually alright? Like, to be responsible for the trash you produce.

@rek @Niquarl @yngmar

Many streets and railway stations in England have no (or far fewer) bins since early 1990s, following terrorist bombs being detonated in the bins and the cast iron ones becoming shrapnel weapons in their own right.

But unlike the Japanese, the rubbish is often just thrown everywhere.

(I think in recent times some bins have returned, but made of material that isn't as much a further hazard if an IED is put inside).

@rek aw shucks... Now the power is out AND I'm filthier than usual. This blows.

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