Working on a new comic page today. Trying to do the entire process on paper, this includes the lettering and borders... but I messed up a bit in some places. Hard to do nice brush strokes without going over borders.

I'm not doing inktober, really, but I guess this counts?

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Working on another page today. Didn't learn from last time, still got messy borders that I'll have to clean up digitally. Ah well. Too lazy to cover it up beforehand to prevent 'spillage'.
Blacked out certain areas too quickly, it's not what I wanted for the 4th panel (guess i was distracted when doing it) but going to try and work with it :>.

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@rek That looks awesome! I really dig the way the brush stroke overpainting looks -- it fits in with the emphasis lines like stuff is just going nuts in the panels!

@rek isnt every month inktober month for @rek

also agree that the line work is really good

@fleeky Haha~ it kinda is :D, why I don't care to take part in it.

@tendigits Thx :>, got a rly nice brush pen in Japan.

@rek I think the lines bleeding into the gutter add to the experience and charm - I would keep them.

Never made a comic myself, so I don't have "secret insider knowledge," but if those really bother you, it would be a quick fix in any raster program later on :)

@FredBednarski Yaaa it doesn't add much style. I would have used white out, but I can't find my bottle.
I edited it out, but ideally Id like to spend very little time on the computer doing corrections.

@rek It probably would be too fiddly, but you can add masking tape to the gutter before drawing and remove it after? This is what I do for drawing/painting to get a crisp edge, but that takes only 4 pieces of tape :P

Another alternative is cutting out the panels and pasting on a fresh sheet later.

Nevertheless, looking forward to seeing more of it - love the style!

@FredBednarski adding tape is smart. might give that a shot, easier than cutting out panels (ive tried that before).

@rek Before you work with it do some tests on an empty sheets.

Some fancy "artist's tapes" tear my paper like crazy when removing. It all depends on your paper and the glue used on the tape.

For me (grainy, cold-pressed paper) the cheap-o art tape or even masking tape from home improvement store works well, as the glue it uses is of "poor" quality, so it doesn't bite hard into the paper.

@FredBednarski yea i was gonna use masking tape, ive got a roll that is total garbage for most projects but that might be fine for this.

@rek @FredBednarski my mum swears by masking fluid for watercolours. You paint it on where you don’t want ink to sit and then rub it off with an eraser. Might be less likely to damage the page than tape.

@jameschip @rek I never tried it with ink or markers - it might work. It's definitely worth a try!

I don't have any, otherwise I would run some tests see how well it repels the inks I have. I am a little worried that the markers might be alcohol based and the masking fluid might only work with water-based media.

@FredBednarski @rek it also depends on how hard your pen nib is I suppose. If you are using a brush and ink it’s probably ok but with a pen nib it might chip the stuff off.

Ill have to see if I can borrow a bottle and test.

@jameschip @FredBednarski @rek masking fluid will definitely rip up if you hit it with a pen nib. I’ve got some and it works FANTASTICALLY for watercolors, but even an ultra fine sharpie (felt tip) will pull it up.

Masking tape seems to demolish every paper I’ve used it on that is low weight or is pulpy. It’s a conundrum!

@kvothe @jameschip @FredBednarski i only ever go over the borders with a brush pen, so masking fluid should be okay.

@FredBednarski @jameschip if I can find some I'll give it a shot, might be handy for other projects too :>

@FredBednarski I saw a manga artist that was doing blacks and effects on separate sheets and combining them with the line work afterwards, thought that was smart. You can go crazy with the brushes with that. But it's not as fun to do it all separately.

@rek nice! I love the style a lot! Character list is giving me serious Saga vibes, too! Did you happen to try out some masking fluid?

@chotrin No i haven't yet, out of laziness mostly. Thinking of trying to make some, even using white paint even.

@rek Ah! That sounds like it’d be an adventure. It has a really rubber-cement kind of consistency to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s basically just that

@chotrin Ya ive seen a few recipes online, and they all require rubber cement + acetone (or variations).

@rek Glad to see you've published a couple new pages since the last time I read Circa, I enjoyed it a lot.

@rek tes dessins sont vraiment beaux. J'adore la dynamique! J'ai hâte de pouvoir lire ça!!

@Hellien ca load pas? damn, pourtant le site est tres leger.

@rek j'ai finalement réussi à aller voir hier. La connexion ici n'est pas terrible. Je n'étais probablement pas entre les bons arbres. Va falloir remédier à ça.

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