Re-watching Daria.

“Brittany Taylor: The Telltale Heart? I LOVE romance novels!

Daria: Yeah, nothing says 'Be Mine' like a pounding heart beneath a floorboard.”


The dialogues are so, so good.

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@rek It's up there with Archer and Home Movies as the best written animated TV shows

@dualhammers Never seen Archer, but am a big fan of Home Movies :)

@rek You know a show is good when they can get a 90 minute best of out of a single season.

@dualhammers I went to a shop that sells older games and movies, and i saw home movie DVDS. Made me want to watch it again. Coach McGirk is such a wonderfully flawed character.

@rek Actually I wrote Archer but I was thinking of Venture Bros.

@dualhammers haven't seen that either tho XD, damn. Style reminds me of Harvey Birdman

@dualhammers Actually...scratch that... haha, not similar at all (looked at more screenshots).

@rek It's definitely inspired by that Hannah Barbara era - it's a parody of sorts.

There is a Johnny Quest character named Action Johnny

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