Re-categorized some recipes on GrimGrains, as before, I had categories named "breakfast" and "dinner", and I don't like to tie meal types to time of day. So now, I've got a new section called "main". Breakfast foods have been spread through other categories, and I've renamed "desserts" to "sweet".

I also isolated the recipes I prepared in the tropics.

@rek yes. I never liked the idea of ‘breakfast’ foods, or any other time relative meal. Leftover shawarma root vegetables make a fine breakfast in my book. My wife is particularly fond of sag aloo for breakfast too.


@jameschip Yea it's sham really, something that many companies are profiting from, while making people sick. It sucks, especially when you realize that many popular North American breakfasts are actually low-quality versions of traditional European desserts.

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