Working on a new comic page today. Trying to do the entire process on paper, this includes the lettering and borders... but I messed up a bit in some places. Hard to do nice brush strokes without going over borders.

I'm not doing inktober, really, but I guess this counts?

Working on another page today. Didn't learn from last time, still got messy borders that I'll have to clean up digitally. Ah well. Too lazy to cover it up beforehand to prevent 'spillage'.
Blacked out certain areas too quickly, it's not what I wanted for the 4th panel (guess i was distracted when doing it) but going to try and work with it :>.

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@rek nice! I love the style a lot! Character list is giving me serious Saga vibes, too! Did you happen to try out some masking fluid?

@chotrin No i haven't yet, out of laziness mostly. Thinking of trying to make some, even using white paint even.

@rek Ah! That sounds like it’d be an adventure. It has a really rubber-cement kind of consistency to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s basically just that

@chotrin Ya ive seen a few recipes online, and they all require rubber cement + acetone (or variations).

@rek Glad to see you've published a couple new pages since the last time I read Circa, I enjoyed it a lot.

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