This is a recipe I'd love to try. Going to have to get my hands on a whisk attachment for my power drill. Will visit the thrift store to see if I can find one :>.
(in french)

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@rek ohh that'one of my favourite desserts, I'm curious to see how it goes, I tried making aquafaba whipped cream the other day but the recipe asked for a bit of oil at the end and I introduced it too early and it stopped it from rising completely, still got close just by hand whisking :3

@ritualdust I tried hand-whisking before, with poor results. My personal endurance and arm-strength might be to blame though :>.

@rek @ritualdust me too, few months back I spent 90+ mins hand whisking and couldn't\t get beyond a weak beer foam stage.

@rek understandable, I plan to get a better blender soon, might give it a try again!

@rek We've got a stick blender which also comes with a whisk attachment on the boat. Works well off the inverter and makes all kinds of yummy food and drinks.

Tried hand whisking before getting this and it was a flop too :)

There's mechanical geared whisks with a crank that might do the job, but those take up more space than the electrical one and are less versatile...

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@yngmar I don't really want another tool, why i wanted to use my drill ;). I don't blend things often enough to justify a buying separate tool.

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