Fools & Dreamers.

"The incredible story of how degraded gorse-infested farmland has been regenerated back into beautiful New Zealand native forest over the course of 30 years."

@rek Super good. I'd like to meet him one day. Seems like a good character.

@rek There are also a lot of parallels between the things he's talking about and One Straw Revolution that are pretty interesting to me. The reliance on observation of how the systems want to work and then how we relate to it can go a few ways, but it's cool to see the parallels across geographies.

@grey I thought the same thing while watching it :)...

@rek oh oh oh! I looked up the production company "Happen Films", they have more...

It's like a getting a box of chocolates!

@StuC Hadn't seen the rest of their works yet, but wow— what a treasure trove! Just the sort of content I want to watch rn, thx for sharing.

@rek I watched it, and it's so good. That man is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I'm in love with Aotearoa.

@luka Ah, same :). A lovely place, with many kind-hearted people.

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