Windy, bumpy day. Getting a massive headache from the movement aboard Pino =_=.

Today will not be productive.

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@rek the burden of a monohull. Someone I know just got themselves a cat, I assume this was one of the reasons for them.

However, how’s life on a boat especially during the current situation? Would you both prefer to live in an apartment or do you find yourself lucky to not be in between dozens of people?

When I think about it, I’m imagining that being on a boat right now would be so much better than living in a packed residential building. But the grass is always greener on the other side, so…

@mrus I'm happy where I am, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else cause I like living on a boat, but it's not so different from being in an shared building. We're in between people, as we're on a dock with 3 other boats. Because the space between us is outside, it doesn't feel packed.

Our situation in Japan was better, as we had more space to ourselves and easier access to nature, but we had no one to talk to. There is no perfect place to be... really.

@rek @mrus i have friends who shuttle back and forth between city and country living several times a year

@rek thanks for sharing!

Oh hm. I think I’d trade the talking for Japan. I miss Japan. :(

@mrus @rek If we had a cat it would be groaning and creacking from having its side pushed apart under the weather we got today. It would be annoying in different ways.

I would not like to live on land. I like the distance from people, from centralized services and the possibility to cast off and move on a moment's notice.

@neauoire @rek was trying to find the name for that, but can’t. However, afaik there’s some “training wheels”-like thing that can be mounted on a monohull (while it’s anchored) which apparently helps with reducing the rocking.

@mrus @rek some people use buckets with holes at the bottom like thrawlers using these floating anchors at the end of the boat's side-arms

@mrus @neauoire Yea, people pay too much for these stupid things... you don't need that. Better to use parts you've got.

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