Having my first glass of umeshu since the North Pacific Crossing incident.

So far so good, I'm able to drink it :>.

Glad the second jar didn't explode.

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@rek Oooh just reminded me how excited I am about our umeshu. First time making it! will be ready just in time for the holidays~

@rek Somewhere around 500ml-1l... not really sure. I think the official measurement is "not enough". But I am still excited about it. I am hoping to experiment a bit more with it next time. If you have any recommendations on things to try let me know.

@ciel Well, making twice the amount is a good idea, as you'll likely finish the 1st batch too quickly due to over-excitement ;). Also, it'll give time for the 2nd jar to age a bit more, which is good since it gets better with time.

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