Made sweet and sour lentils for lunch today, but used sprouted lentils instead!


Sprouted lentil version:
I cut my vegetables real small (tiny cubes) so they'd cook fast, browned them in a pan with oil. When veggies were done, added sprouted lentils, cooked the mixture for 2-3 min, and finally added the sauce, mixing everything well and cooking the mixture for another minute or so to allow the sauce to thicken :>.

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@rek ok this website and the illustrations are gorgeous

@rek I did the non-sprouted version last weekend. With coral lentils, so the texture was not optimal, and I used leeks instead of daikon. Anyway, it was really good! I've added this to my repertoire and will decline this basis again !

Thanks ! :tealheart:

@0gust1 What are coral lentils? Looking at a photo, it looks like shelled brown lentils (red lentils)?

@rek idk, we call them "lentilles corail" here.
They looks like this :

They cook quicker than regular green or brown lentils, and are sweeter. Some people makes dessert with those.

@0gust1 Ok yea, they're red lentils. Yea, the sweet and sour recipe isn't as good with those lentils, since they tend to turn into a puree when cooked :>. Brown lentils get softer, but keep their shape.

@rek it was still good (I was out of classical lentils and absolutely wanted to test)!
And I made "galettes végétariennes" with the leftovers, the puree texture helped ;)

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