Working on an extended version of the North Pacific Logbook.

Using Pandoc to generate a PDF from a .txt file (written in Pandoc Markdown).

Result is awesome :D.

While working on the book, I'm also writing notes for others with limited command-line experience, like myself, as I ran into a few issues when setting it up, and when trying to add special formatting (all good now though).

It's a fantastic way to format articles or books. Technicalities shouldn't stop beginners from using it.

@rek this looks like LaTeX quality but without the need for authoring in LaTeX... you’ve got my attention

@flip Ya, it's great. Pandoc uses XeLateX to compile the PDF, simple and looks real good.

@rek Can't wait to read this! I finished Moitessier's book already, time for the rabbits to step up to the plate again. :p

@rek I've used it in the past to convert files. Have you seen the huge graph of file conversions on the website? It's ridiculously large.😂

@thomasorus Yea :P, many times in the last 3 days, as I was trying to figure out what would work best for the project.

@rek I use pandoc when I need to convert Markdown to HTML, PDF, or whatever. It's pretty nice.

@Ertain It's the thing I did not know I needed :)

@rek oh wow this is cool software, thanks for posting!

Wow, thanks! Them are good notes, encouraging to try things up.

@rek this is fantastic. had no idea Pandoc existed and its exactly what I’ve been looking for to convert markdown.

so good!

I'm using pandoc to cleanup .docx files before typesetting

@rek any chance y'all will do a set of physical versions?

@nx Thinking about it :). Would just need to find a good place to print them. Locally, ideally.

@rek ah, sweet! Would definitely like to buy one :)

@rek and just markdown and pandoc?? I would have guessed latex.

@peregrine @rek Pandoc makes a trip through XeTeX to typeset its PDFs, so your guess was on point!

(I used Pandoc to typeset my Master's thesis. You can even add inline LaTeX to the Markdown source!)

@peregrine @rek Also, while I'm gushing, I really want an excuse to use the Tufte-LaTeX templates. They're absolutely gorgeous:

as a left to right reader I'd prefer this illustration to be flipped ↔️

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