An unwelcome consequence of living in a world where everything is “easy” is that the only skill that matters is the ability to multitask.

At the extreme, we don’t actually do anything; we only arrange what will be done, which is a flimsy basis for a life.


Quote from The Tyranny of Convenience, by Tim Wu

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Thanks for sharing @rek! This looks like it's going to be an interesting read tonight /w a cup of tea. 🍵

@oak Ya I'm dumb, should have linked it. Thanks for that ^_^.

My biggest realization from this article is the idea that it's almost always the things that we choose to do that are inconvenient that have the most meaning to us. The focus on the journey over the destination.

It feels really easy to me to get sucked into a destination-oriented mindset over and over again. It surrounds most of us every day.

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