Got a La Fin Du Monde at the store, the only Unibroue beer they had. I miss Unibroue, and am missing Quebec hard too >_<.

Santé 🍻!

Ouawow, c'est fort en tabarnak Unibroue...

@thomasorus @neauoire On se parles surtout en Français sur Pino, à part quand j'suis fâché, pis sur internet ;).

@rek Reminds me of my mom. She always spoke French when swearing, and when doing math… 😄
@thomasorus @neauoire

@rek La Fin Du Monde is my favorite Unibroue. I miss it so much

@dualhammers It's so tasty, don't remember the last time I had it.

@rek !!!! this is my favorite beer, fantastic choice :D

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