New dithered Prospect wallpaper. Am very happy with the colors :>.

@flame Hope you get to :), watched it again yesterday.

@rek Wow, that came out wonderfully! I wouldn't have guessed it was dithered until you mentioned it and I zoomed in! 😂

@helveticablanc ya it's subtle :>, but very different when compared with the original image. Fewer colors, overall more diffused, doesn't distract as much too. I do that for most of my wallpapers :>

@rek How did you do it? I really like the result!

@atari Atkinson dithering, using dither-it tool, with a custom palette :>.

@rek Beautiful! ALso, what distro WM is that? I like the black bar

I think I Need to start dithering my wallpapers haha.

@dualhammers Atkinson, custom palette. And am on Elementary, also customized :>.

@rek What tool do you use for atkinson dithering? I Thought glimpse only had FS

@rek this is such a 100r aesthetic, haha. Turned out lovely, makes me want to use something more personal than Variety again

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