Making some rejuvelac (soaked wheat berries) for another 'cheese' experiment.

@chirrolafupa First post I saw was about ppl asking if the P. Roqueforti spores they use for their 'cheese' would stay in the fridge and cause all future 'cheeses' to be inoculated with it lolol. Crazy high-level cheese-making problems.

@rek @chirrolafupa I saw this! Some of the commenters were talking about having multiple fridges so they can keep the spores contained lol

@rek oh no, i'd rather let go of 'cheese' than go through all that complexity hehe

@chirrolafupa I'm more excited about the process than eating it really. The world of bacteria and their effect on food is so fascinating.

@rek Whoooaaa first couple posts are of vegan blue cheese!!

@somnius I know, that's why I was freaking out lol. I was like, holy hell, these ppl are not messing around! They pros.

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