@rek does devine own a striped shirt like that?

@paul Ya, grey and black stripes. It's funny too, because it's actually MY shirt ;). I just like to draw Dev with it.

@rek mmmm! I need to get more. It is great over rice

@dualhammers My favourite thing to make with it is okonomiyaki. Useful to go through an older head of cabbage.

@rek i will have to try that. What type of oil do you use for that?

@rek Yum. I have been trying to be oil free so I am mostly going without

@rek Makes some recipes (like omelettes) impossible in cast iron

@dualhammers Chickpea flour without oil def does stick, it's tricky. Back when I used a 'non-stick', it would also stick to it XD...

@rek I have been eyeing trying one of those stoneware ceramic pans.

Anodized aluminum works ok too if you dont scratch it. stuff sticks but it comes off easy

@rek 🤩 I love this! It's such a great drawing.

A couple years ago I was going to suggest a Pino-in-a-bottle room easter egg in an Oquonie update— you folks basically beat me to it with the Pino interior— and this is what it might have looked like.

Is this artwork destined for your publication?

@rezmason Oh no it's just for the 100r website. Both the above illustrations are featured in separate categories under "Knowledge" (cooking and sailing).

@rek my girlfriend randomly started singing the melody to this. Turns out she hasn’t even seen the movie. It’s just so catchy 😂 I want to watch it again

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