Made another batch of Indian-style carrot pickles. Just 1 kg of carrots this time, but I'll likely start another jar this week.

@rek do you have pickle recipes on the website as well?

@mms No, not yet, I'm still learning so am using other recipes for now.

@rek super curious about them, so will patiently wait 😊

@rek thank you very much
will check it out

do you adapt it for other veggies as well?

@mms I haven't, yet, but you can. In the comments people said they've tried it with other root veggies. I've stuck with carrots because I like it, and because they're inexpensive and available in large quantities.

@rek you peeled and shredded 'just' 1kg of carrots?

@rosano Yes XD, I did 2 kg in one go last time. Doesn't take too long, just hard on the hands.

@rek omnom! Is the recipe on grimgrains?

Also, where did you get those jars?? I need to get some like that

@dualhammers It's not my recipe: (FR)
They're good pickling jars, as you don't need to burp them at all. Found those locally (a hardware-type store that also sells a variety of preservation gear), and a friend gave us a few she wasn't using. Whole island was out of these jars for a while because of the pandemic, they received stock again recently.

@rek I just made my first batch of pickled carrots, cauliflower, pickles, and onions.

@waynewallace Cauliflower <3. When it's cheaper to buy at the grocery, I want to make a cauli/red onion mix ^_^.

@rek ooohhh looks amazing. they are fermented, right? I'm thinking in trying beetroots, heard they are really good and easy to prepare, but I'm not a fan of them...

@f3r Well they will be fermented in a few weeks ^^!
Beets are good, but the fermentation can be a bit messy. Just be sure to put a plate under the jar :P.

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