A cleat made from a set of ropes saturated with epoxy.

"Very strong, very light, very cheap, very fast to make."


The mother of my brother-in-law has walking problems and he need to fit her house with many handles.
This could be a far better solution.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Ohh! Well I hope that this ends up being a solution :), that'd be amazing.

@rek Wow, brilliant. My first thought was "trying to coil that rope with epoxy on it sounds like the messiest job in the universe", but now that I see how they do it it makes a lot more sense 😅

@jcmorrow I've never thought of doing this, but I might try it. Adding carbon fiber as reinforcement is also very clever.

@rek Yeah, certainly would be reinforcing, although it also seems like it probably makes it harder to do, since I would expect that this involves some pretty careful (and possible large area) sanding for anything mounted on a hull.

@rek but what is a cleat (other than the stud on the bottom of soccer boots)?

@dokoissho On a boat, it's a solid point that you can tie ropes onto :>, say, for mooring a boat onto a dock.

@rek So actually kind of like a soccer cleat, in sense of providing some solidity

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