going to take a break from this community for awhile. it's tiring to be met with toxicity rather than constructive conversation.

i love working out disagreements in conversation. it's the best way to learn from the perspectives of others. strong opinions are great too! they're the best to learn from.

unfortunately, deciding to make assumptions and fire insults rather than asking for clarification and understanding other points of view will never leave room for a productive conversation.

i see this happen on merveilles and mastodon too often for using this website to be constructive for the time being.

this isn't a dig at moderation here - i don't fully understand the difficulty of moderating a community but i realize it must be difficult. i've generally had a very positive experience here but it's time for me to spend more time in the real world for now : )


@jakeisnt Sorry to hear you had a bad time here, wish we could have done more. Taking a break once in a while is a good idea anyway :>.

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