The cushions we had aboard Pino were old, and flat. I cut them open today, and removed the inside and instead stuffed them with some extra clean towels, rags and winter socks. We don't have a ton of storage space, so this helps :D. Now the cushions are nice and plump.

Did not have extra zippers or buttons on hand to close the cushions up again, so I used some Japanese coins from our last trip (the 5 yen with the hole in the middle) as buttons with some bits of old paracord.

@rek Not only a great idea, but it looks beautiful

@rek that looks great, and what a fantastic way bring back memories of your travels when you use them

@rek what did you end up doing with the old stuffing?

@zens Will use it to double stuff other flat cushions probably. I don't need to fill them all with clothes.

@rek mmmh those coin buttons together with the fabric, looks so good

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