Rabbits having coffee and cake at Witty's Lagoon.

@krisfreedain @rek

Pondering whether it's more suitable for a metal or lo-fi album.

@rek Strong David Lynch vibes. Very Inland Empire. Nice.

@rek we are very inspired by this and would like to copy the concept if that's ok.

We were walking around here on a misty evening. As we passed a side path that's lit by a streetlight, we spotted two coyotes who noticed us and stopped in their tracks. For what felt like an eternity, the four of us just looked at each other. Then we all went peacefully on our way.

When we saw your photo, it occurred to us that this would be the perfect way to remember that special moment.

@rek I really cannot tell if you got fake rabbit heads or if you'e a master at finding the perfect images online

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