Reading through The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice by master rigger Brion Toss (RIP).
Lots of good advice in there. Only just started, but the preface is very, very good. Brion talks about learning, on being wrong, making mistakes and getting better.

"After taking a rig survey class, one of my students, a Coast Guard inspector, had a charter boat taken out of service for what he now recognized as grievous safety issues.
The owner said, “Wait. Just last year you passed me! My boat couldn’t have gone downhill that far in just 1 year!”
To which the inspector replied, “It’s not about your boat, it’s about me. And I reserve the right to be smarter than I used to be. And not as smart as I’m going to be."

None of us are incapable of error. None of us can rest on our laurels. It is only through continuous learning that we can continue to approach our ideals.

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