Deck water irons pass a stove's vent pipe through the deck. Water is kept in the trough, and thus cools the pipe by absorbing & dissipating heat.

What a great design.

@rek do you have to keep topping the water off to keep it cool or is it fine being left?

@jameschip we have to add water before use, and make sure there is enough in it during use... but I don't know how often it'll need to be topped off. I'll keep a journal once we start using it.
It's rly rainy here in winter so, might not have to actively fill it.

@rek that’s awesome! I’ve never seen a thing like that before

@rek I've seen insulated closed ones for passing a chimney through a cabin wall too - I imagine open and wet is probably a lot less of a maintenance nightmare on a boat?

@maxc Maybe? I don't have a point of comparison. But this design is good because it means that space doesn't need to be as insulated, and that the flue can be single wall.

@rek the ones I'm talking about are for passing single wall chimney flues through a wooden cabin wall - same idea in general I think, but I don't know how they'd hold up to water going on them directly all the time, and they're generally as thick as a normal timber stud wall. This looks like it's designed for boats specifically

@maxc Yea it is :), the foundry designs specifically for boats.

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