Made a continuous rope ring last night out of Dyneema using a Möbius Brummell Splice. This is hella strong, and will hold the ring to the cart. Will add a few stitches to ensure the ring doesn't slip.

Did not have a fid, so went to thrift store and found some knitting needles, which we cut at an angle.

Funny story, the needles I bought appeared hollow but weren't >_<. SO, Devine bore a hole through it with a drill. Problem solved.

@brisling Thanks ^_^. Will work on the second ring tonight~

@rek You wouldn’t be you if you wouldn’t make your own tools 😉

@dualhammers @rek do you mean for the whole project or for that specific type of braid?

@neauoire @rek The project. Maybe i Missed the original project post.

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