So thankful that we have helpful neighbors, and a good place to borrow tools nearby. We have many tools aboard, but we can't have everything... esp specialized tools that you use once every 2-3 yrs.

Borrowed right angle drill from neighbor the other day (engine-related project, again), and will likely borrow a rivet tool from the Tool Library tomorrow to fix our whisker pole :>.

What repair, or construction projects are you all working on these days?

🖤 🔧

Funny that I didn't end up working on the whisker pole today. Still working on our engine, and noticed the fuel filter bowl was rly dirty. So spent the afternoon draining bad fuel, and changing all the filters :/.
Hopefully I'll work on the whisker pole tomorrow XD

@thomasorus lol, w/o going through ALL the list haha... what do you have to take care of next (one task, say) :P...?

@thomasorus That sounds easier than some of the previous jobs you've done at least :)

:moar: @rek Yeah overall I'm not complaining, the hard stuff is behind me!

@rek Mostly clothes, fixing holes, tears.. As I buy second hand and wear my stuff till it falls apart...
Same for my son, but he grows out if things!

Some great clothing repair links:
Some super beautiful darning:::
Bibliogram this:
I have a serger, sewing machine, needles, scissors. Most repairs are by hand, though..

@rek Made a small library for my room using the iron frame of an old and rotten kitchen cabinet :)

@rek showed someone how to get their prop off to change the saildrive anode and install it all again with the right torque settings, grease and threadlocker.

@yngmar Whoa~ saildrive. Fancy! Do you also have that on your boat?
Took me a while to realize I had to grease the prop. Didn't do it on the first haul-out, but did on the second. Kind of a bad thing to forget ^_^;;

@rek Yup, same model, with a rope cutter between the anode and the prop.

@rek next up for me is attempted resurfacing of some old wood chairs we inherited in a bad state and structurally repaired. If it works they're coming inside. If not they go off to a friend's cabin that currently has rickety chairs and won't mind a more er, rustic look 😉

@maxc Either way, they've got a place to go. That's nice :>.

@rek Last year I got annoyed with plastic sponges. They wear out after a few weeks and leach micro-plastic into the environment. They also look shitty.

So I pulled out my crappy peg weaving board and made myself a "scrubby" out of some cheap jute twine. I was surprised that it worked well and held up twice as long as the plastic junk.

I decided to make a new one but, for lulz, decided to try a circular weaving pattern. I also used cotton this time to see if it lasts a little bit longer than the jute or sisal ones I've made so far. I may try some hemp twine at some point too.

@praxeology Holy crap, these look amaaaazing :). Have you used them yet?

@rek Yes! I have not bought any new sponges in over a year. The slightly frayed square one in the last pic is my "daily scrubber" but once it falls apart a bit more, I will compost it and start using the round one.

@praxeology A friend gave me one they'd made for my birthday 4 years ago. The edge had this tougher material to use for scrubbing difficult stains. Was such a nice, thoughtful gift. Yours are lovely.

@rek Forgot: I fixed the dishwasher and extended it's life for two more years ( land peeps).
Basically I stuck my head in it with a headlight, found the problem: a worn out piece that kept on popping out. I filmed the problem, sent it to my mum (haha). She went to a 'mom & pop' electronics shop who then ordered the part.
Head back in, of course..


@wendy Wahoo~ awesome. Replacing large appliances is such a pain, also very $$$. Good that you were able to spot the problem :>.

@rek Almost eery day after work I've been poking around at woodworking projects in the shop I set up a couple months ago. I haven't made anything but tools for myself yet though - they're low pressure projects since I don't feel like they need to be pretty.

Yesterday I made a small wooden square and prepared some stock for making a wooden joiners mallet - next month though I think I'm going to be tackling my first furniture project, a plant stand for my sister.
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