@rek Looks delicious. Do you mind to share the ingredients? From the photo, it looks like you add white mustard seeds or maybe coriander seeds... I am always curious to learn new recipe :-)

I usually make pickles from cabbage+carrots+onion+(optional horseradish)+salt, sometimes adding caraway seeds for better digestion, which is the traditional Czech way of making pickles.

@jlk Yea mustard seeds, turmeric powder, a bit of garlic, pickling salt and vegetable oil. This is the recipe, made it many times already. Rly love it:

@rek Ha, it's the Indian one with oil. I was thinking it might be. I must definitely try it. Mine is without oil - based on lactic acid fermentation. More like kimchi. Thanks for the recipe!

@jlk It has very little oil. It's added for taste and texture. It's still a lacto-fermentation.

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