If only I'd seen the ad for this boat 5 years ago.

It's a bit too big, but is it ever preeettyyy 🤩

@rek How much would a boat that size cost? Not counting fuel and what not just ownership

@Preston It's longer than Pino, so that means paying more when docking or taking boat out of the water, thicker, larger hardware ($$$). Although the boat appears well-outfitted, and may not need too much extra gear which saves a ton of money for the first few years.
It rly depends on how old the gear aboard is, and that is not obvious from the ad.

Purchase cost is slightly less than we paid for ours tho.

@rek I thought pino was pretty. Tell us what your sailor eyes see here?

@faun Oh no Pino is great.
I just like cutters (2 foresails), and it is better outfitted. We paid more for Pino to start, and had to invest much more cash to get it rdy to sail offshore.

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