Finished Yoshi Island yesterday.

What a fun game. Not sure I would have appreciated it as much in my youth. Crazy how they're still introducing new mechanics and enemies in the very last level.

@rek Have yall played megaman battle network. I'd recommend the hell out of it. Recent attempts to revive it have been missing a major piece; it made perfection in planning and performance attainable and that was joyous

@faun Devine's played it but I haven't. I'm not a fan of tactical rpgs, generally, but I'll give it a shot :>.

@rek I wouldn't put it in that genre (Hm I think there's a mode that resembles that in the 5th game but it's still mainly still oriented around the core battle system. I'd recommend the 3rd game anyway, if you only expect to play one. Otherwise the 2nd.)

Funilly enough I think I was trying to capture the attainability of perfection in the tactics game I was making when yall visited. It did have a similar vibe.

@rek I guess the genre is "action deckbuilding", but the deckbuilding comes on slow and you don't have to take it very seriously to enjoy and pass. Not sure there's much depth to it. (Which is good. I like card games but really competitive deckbuilding is kind of painful.)

@faun @rek thats one of my favorite game series of all time. It’s so fun

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