Warmer weather means better fruit and veg! Am going to try to plan better this year, to preserve as much as I can while the produce is fresh, cheap and plentiful.

Found some early rhubarb, and made some jam with it!

@rek My grandma always made a real nice rhubarb+strawberry jam. I suppose any sweater fruit would do though.

@rek She also is a big proponent of cutting/lightly cooking then freezing them for future pies/rhubarb meringues. Trickier on a boat.

@peregrine Yea I can't process anything into pies unless i plan to eat them rly quickly :P.
Could dehydrate them, but it is not incredibly warm here at the moment, and not very sunny.

For now, I'll have to stick to jams and chutneys.

@rek Maybe you could find some campfire pie irons and with the new wood stove... but yea preserves are great!

@peregrine If I see a used one somewhere I might consider it :). Could try and make wood-fired taiyaki.

@rek I used to see them all the time in goodwill, but that was before cast iron became popular.

@rek TIL about Taiyaki! that just looks like a ton of fun.

@rek you just find that in the wild or are we talking rich assholes' gardens here

@brisling A market that sells local produce.

When I said 'found', i just meant that it was the first of the season I've seen.

@rek Eh, that's also a sweet thing to have.

I miss the farmers' markets in my hometown. Best place to shop. So different from a supermarket to have a chat with the people who actually harvested your greens, and all of it under open skies.

@rek Ugh my second favourite jam! Greengage is the undisputed champ for me.

@gregsted Had to look that up, never heard of greengage. Looks similar to ume plums :O

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