Grinding some buckwheat for the cooking jam ^_^. It's an ingredient I really like, but that I don't experiment enough with.

The result of today's experiment. Buckwheat dumplings in a tomato sauce! Very delicious :>... although i need to improve on the tomato sauce a bit ^_^;.

Will post recipe once I make it again.

@rek Oh, looking forward to what you'll do with it. I use it for only a few things (mainly part of the breakfast porridge routine) so I'm looking forward to expand my buckwheat horizon! :0

@rostiger aboard Pino we use it primarily for buckwheat tea, but also sometimes to make noodles. But making noodles is super messy (and long), and because it's messy and long we don't make it as often as we'd like to. SO, am making dumplings :>... or 'buckwheat gnocchi'. Super simple.

@rek @rostiger my favorite recipe is buckwheat with pesto. More or less you cook it like rice and then you add some homemade pesto. Yummy dinner! ;-)

@tty These are the result of culinary laziness :P

@rek I like what your laziness looks like 👀

@tty haha, they're lazy noodles :>... why bother rolling and cutting nice long strands when you can ball it all up. To hell with precision.



are they crunchy on the outside?

@glyph They were pan-fried, so they're lightly browned but not crunchy rly. They can be crunchy tho, if fried for longer in more oil. Would be super good too.
They have a gnocchi-like texture, with a bit of browning :>.

@rek Thanks for your hard work! I think you forgot to resize/compress the image, it's more than 2mo and takes some time to load.

@thomasorus Ya, pushed the recipe a bit too quick yesterday. Thx for pointing it out.

@rek I just realized that buckwheat is what we call "trigo sarraceno" here. I didn't know you could do tea with it!
fantastic seed.

@f3r Yea, taste is similar to Barley tea, but more subtle! We roast the berries in a pan first. It's nice to have in evenings.
First time I had it was in a soba shop in Japan :>

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