Grinding some buckwheat for the cooking jam ^_^. It's an ingredient I really like, but that I don't experiment enough with.


The result of today's experiment. Buckwheat dumplings in a tomato sauce! Very delicious :>... although i need to improve on the tomato sauce a bit ^_^;.

Will post recipe once I make it again.

@tty These are the result of culinary laziness :P

@rek I like what your laziness looks like 👀

@tty haha, they're lazy noodles :>... why bother rolling and cutting nice long strands when you can ball it all up. To hell with precision.



are they crunchy on the outside?

@glyph They were pan-fried, so they're lightly browned but not crunchy rly. They can be crunchy tho, if fried for longer in more oil. Would be super good too.
They have a gnocchi-like texture, with a bit of browning :>.

@rek Thanks for your hard work! I think you forgot to resize/compress the image, it's more than 2mo and takes some time to load.

@thomasorus Ya, pushed the recipe a bit too quick yesterday. Thx for pointing it out.

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