Just learned about sailing stones. Incredible.

"The Racetrack Playa, located in Death Valley, California, features a geological phenomenon known as "sailing stones" that leave linear "racetrack" imprints as they slowly move across the surface without human or animal intervention due to a perfect coincidence of events—"

"—1st, the playa has to fill with water, which must be deep enough to form floating ice during winter, but still shallow enough that the rocks are exposed. When the temp drops at night, this pond freezes into thin sheets of windowpane ice, which then must be thick enough to maintain strength, but thin enough to move freely. Finally, when the sun comes out, the ice melts and cracks into floating panels; these are blown across the playa by light winds, propelling the rocks in front of them."

"The stones only move once every two or three years and most tracks last for three or four years."

@rek I love discoveries like this so much. In terms of bizarrely specific conditions producing effects you would never imagine, it reminds me of the discovery of a natural nuclear reactor

@rek dew settles, black-body-radiates to ice, and stones ice skate along in the howling wind?

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