Friend gave us cuttings from old halyards recently. Planning to make mats with them all ^_^...!

Here's today's mat.

Last night's blue mat, 3-passes :). That halyard cutting was very short but in great condition.

@rek This looks great! How's the braiding pattern (is that the correct word?) made?

I love that you can't see the beginning or the end of it :3

@raelzero If you flip it you can see where it starts/ends ;).
It's actually rly easy once you have your starting pattern made, like when you're sure all lines overlap or go under each other in the right way. I wrote a little tutorial about it:
But in an image, this is the starting pattern, then the idea is you continue to feed both sides of the lines through the entire thing.

@rek Yeah, I was sure the "trick" was in the back haha

It's really cool, though!

One of my friends' dad has a boat — I'll ask him not to toss away halyards and sheets, and I might use those to make shower rugs or door mats for when I get a home again :D

Thanks for the cool idea!

@raelzero Amazing ^_^!!! Those are precious material! Would love to see what you make.

If you can salvage small diameter ropes you can make little coaster-type mats too~ which are rly nice. Same pattern-ish, but fewer bights.


Those look great, too! Could be used as placemats, or for glasses/mugs!

I have a few meters of 3mm rope, but it's still quite good, and I use those as utility ropes for when we go camping.

Guess I know what to do once they become too old :P

@rek @raelzero Yeah I see how it's hard now I've solved the first one in the thread but I've lost it

@rek these are so beautiful!! such a visually pleasing pattern!

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