Working on some curtains for Pino :>. Each window will have its own, cut to size. I've made 3 so far, using fabric I found at a thrift store in town.

We had other blinds on the windows previously, but they didn't cut light out enough, and didn't cover all of the windows.

These block out light, and offer more privacy when we're at a dock with other boats around~

@tickfoot @rek I'll answer because Rekka's table and laptop is covered with fabric.

it's called a stitching awl, it's how we do most of our repairs when it's on thick fabric.

@narF @neauoire @tickfoot Yea i guess you could say that, esp. useful for thick materials.

@tickfoot @neauoire @rek It's also what blinded Louis Braille. And it's what evolved into the Braille writing instrument.

It's not poetic, I think Braille just had a lot of awls lying around

@neauoire @tickfoot @rek Infection spread from one to the other, poor kid got a two-for-one deal

@rezmason @neauoire @rek That story is mental. Now I will never see one of those without thinking of this.

@Lordimpala For now, just velcro. Nothing fancy. Can sort of see it on this blurry photo. Can attach the top and bottom.

@rek what's this sewing tool called? Seems like it'd be handy to have around haha

@neauoire @maxc *sewing awl, but more precisely this one is a Speedy Stitcher.

@rek Nice job and thanks for posting that photo. I'd never seen an awl like that. Now I know it exists, I know to look 🙂

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