Being in a bay surrounded by large luxury motor yachts with dinghies that are half the size of our boat is really depressing.
A crude display of opulence. I can't stand it.

@rek what saddens me most is to wonder how many of those boats won't leave the port for more than a few times a year...

@Scarlet Well, them leaving isn't great either because those things are fuel guzzlers.

@Scarlet It's sad too because this place has a huge ageing population, and most are choosing to become power boat owners because it is too difficult, or 'uncomfortable' to operate a sailboat. So there are TONS on the water...

@rek Wait until you meet one with a second superyacht following it around to carry the toys, tender, helicopter platform and icky staff that you don't want on your main superyacht any longer than absolutely necessary!

Silly world.

@yngmar Oh i've seen plenty of those, esp in Los Angeles when we were passing through Marina Del Rey 🤮

@rek I'd like to think that a few of the yachtspeople looked down at Pino and were inspired to have less crap in their lives because it looks more exciting… even if we can't convince them on the sustainability front alone 😊

@alderwick Ppl on those things are generally much older, exciting is less important than 'comfortable'. It's all about the destination, which involves moving the la-z-boy from one bay to the next, quickly, and on time for happy hour. Current and wind be damned.

On most days I have a better outlook on things, but today I just feel... sad. Like a passing cloud, this feeling too will pass. And maybe tomorrow they'll all rush home to upgrade to small rowing boats instead.

@rek where is this?, though you were in Vancouver already, with this post.

@furiousgreencloud Oh lol, Montague Harbour on Galiano. Vancouver will likely be that, but tenfold. I am not ready.

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