A good description of Leach’s Storm Petrel’s display flight:

"The weird things darted and fluttered round, close to the ground, sweeping up against the sky, turning and twisting and going at breakneck speed. The birds began to call. The sharp cries, loud and uncouth, came faster, tumbling over each other, more and more. The activity of dashing and shouting worked up to a pitch and sustained it full tilt – eccentric, abandoned aviary in the night above the village.”

(One of my favorite bird encounters at sea.)

@rek The sounds in this article are amazing. Two petrels purring, they sound like 2 pairs of 60's analog synths, with special weird filters.
````` Did the petrels pass by or did they do something else on your encounter?

~~~ They can smell food up to 20kms away~~~

@wendy After dark they would fly around the boat and would chatter non stop. It sounded like little demon children laughing. Their flight pattern was so strange too, super erratic, they looked like bats. They always stuck around a while.

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