We carry a small induction cooktop, to use as an alternative to LPG when we're at a dock with access to shore power.

Only downside so far, is that our little moka pot doesn't register on it (diameter too small).

@rek oh that's precious, i've never seen a portable induction top. perhaps you could give the mokka some fins? of course this would make storage difficult. There's an insert for the hawking pressure cookers that comes to mind, basically just a tin grate with holes for this purpose- since those are made of space age galvinization tech. That kind of thing may work. :)

@ringo Yea I've been thinking about doing something like that. May go to the thrift store with a magnet to try and find some suitable material.
We can also just switch to pour-over coffee ;).

@rek i love my kalita wave.. i use the 185 size with a glass carafe. it makes fantastic coffee..

@ringo I have plenty of options for coffee, also have a french press :>.
But I think i found a hack that doesn't require any new gear so, yay :D. Will be able to use the moka pot as is.

@rek did you try putting a larger inox pot, switching on and then sliding in the moka quite fast? it often works.

@zabow Holy crap, just tried it. That worked XD... damn. Thanks for that.

@rek put a small pot with some water in it next to it, should usually do the trick.

@shx Not super efficient. I've tried that. S'ok anyway, found another, better hack.

@rek Induction is so good!! We have one that we were using before we got our gas cooktop :D

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