Wow. French Polynesia is becoming more and more hostile to transient sailboats.

The anchorage we used in Tahiti in 2017 for 2 weeks is now closed, entirely. Their logic is that they prefer ppl use marinas, but the existing ones don't have enough space, and currently there are no plans for new infrastructure. The message is clear, they'd prefer fewer visitors...

Anchoring in Moorea is also severely limited.

Locals want to protect their islands, which is entirely justified because there are a lot of boats transiting through there doing stupid and disrespectful things, but doing it by enforcing “no anchoring” laws before the infrastructure is in place (strong, reliable moorings or good docks) is dangerous.

Small island nations, with few resources, are reacting to a very rapid increase in numbers and cruising yachts, and adapting to this increase takes time. Sailors have the potential to help by creating new revenue streams, but we have to be mindful of our impact.
Many sailors cross to FP every year, each with 30 days worth of trash to dispose of. Many also need provisions. How do they cope with this influx? Sadly, there is an expectation that they should provide us with everything we need...

@rek I suspect post-covid there will be an increase in people sailing. It may seem like a good way to escape the government interventions of the past few years. This demonstrates it's not.

@trregeagle Meh, seems to me like a lot of ppl are selling the boats they bought during covid now, because they realize the work and costs involved.

@rek I watched an ep of Sailing Zatara the other day and if I had the option of blocking them from my island I would. They are like a floating slice of toxic privileged suburbia using the resources of every place they visit with no return.

@trregeagle Sailing is easier, and more comfortable than it's ever been, making island nations more accessible to all types of people.
I am glad that the waters and locals will have a chance to recover, looks like more sailors will have to consider doing longer sails, with fewer stopovers.

@rek It's a complicated situation. Travelling is a privilege and shouldn't be too easy... But it's a shame not to offer an anchorage
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