We used the leftover carpet from the v-berth insulation project to cover the floor :>. This winter, we'll have warm feet~!

@rek this is so cool! my grandfather was a sailer and I have fond memories playing with all his old rope. usually I'd just untie knots, but didn't even think of making something neat out of it like this.... :o


@eejum It's fun :>, it's a nice way to pass the time and to use up old rope. Making knots is strangely relaxing.

@rek I was just having a conversation with some friends about repetitive work being the best way to meditate. :suwi:

@eejum I used to knit super long scarves just for the repetition. I'd undo the scarf after, and start over :P

@rek that's neat! I usually buy adult coloring books and kiddie markers and have at it for a couple hours to music. at least at the end you have a new scarf if you don't undo it again? :D

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