We opened the jar of fermented beets today, one of the jars we've kept the longest! Its been fermenting, undisturbed, since mid-January.

Tastes pretty good :>. Had it in sandwiches.

@rek how do you ferment beets? Just grate it, add salt and put it in jar? Or do you add some lactic acid bacteria as a starter? (I have sourkraut and might take some of the juice)

There are some huge beets in my basement, waiting to be processed...

@Sibylle I sliced it thin with a slicer that makes match sticks, but you don't have to make them that thin (it's just the tool i have that does that).
Add pickling salt yes, a certain amount per beet weight. You don't need starter, if you leave it alone for 7 days on your counter top fermentation will start, then move it to a cooler place to continue to ferment for 2 more weeks.
A warning tho, beets have a very energetic fermentation and spit juice everywhere, put a bowl under each jar ;)

@Sibylle you can also pickle it in brine, if you want. Makes a different texture.

@rek they contain a lot of sugar, therefore they are messy to ferment! Thank you for the warning!

I will try a jar or two. 👍

Do you Cover the jar or just when it is finished?

@Sibylle I cover it, but just because i don't plan to eat them right away most times.

@thomasorus Yea it's fun, and quite good to eat! But every part of the process makes a mess.

@rek does the food tastes salty or carries more salt? I’ve wanted to try but my partner has water retention and salt is her arch ennemy.

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