Our good friends have 4 sewing machines at home (I don't know how that happened) but they gave us one today :O :O!

Looking forward to making more complex projects with our new-to-us machine ^_^

@rek That's exciting!

I wish I picked up some sewing skills back in the day, as both my grandmas were proficient sewmistresses and one side of my family was part of a sewing guild since at least XIX century.

Right now the best I can do is some hand sewing, but if I ever run into a decent sewing machine in a charity shop or something, I am so getting it and learning!

I am looking forward to see what you make!

@FredBednarski Wow, damn! Your parents didn't pick up the skill?
Our friends helped us sow an awning for our boat today on their machine, and we realized how little we know about making strong, or even beautiful sewing XD...

@rek They both did pick up some stuff, but it was the grandmas who were the "sewing sages" in the family. My parents would do the easier stuff, but if something more advanced came along it was always - let's go to grandma :D

When I was a kid I loved watching my grandma sewing shirts or dresses. It was like magic.

@FredBednarski Ultimately i'd like to be able to sew up some clothes. I need a sewing mentor.

@tty oooh yes~ Doing work with one is so quick, it'll save us a lot of time and pain (i get rly bad neck and hand pains when i sew by hand for too long)

@rek That makes sense. I've only ever done hand sewing, but then again, I'm mending clothes, not huge things like sails. ;)

@rek oh! Is it electric or operate on a treadle? :D

@tty Our friends have one with a treadle, a lovely heavy duty Singer, but we can't fit that on our boat. Too heavy, and takes up a ton of room.

@rek congratulations! You’ll be making beautiful things in no time.

My mum is an absolute whiz with one, she tried to teach me a few times but I am convinced that setting up the thing is dark magic that she sold her soul to be able to perform.

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