am i cheaping it if i don't use any apple products and/or adobe software in order to be a freelance illustrator with a small business in the making?

would potential clients (in this case, indie publications/magazines, small businesses/live venues and indie musicians) take me seriously if they found out that i don't use expensive industry standard tech in order to create their visuals for them?

@rozina I can't speak for these kinds of orgs you've listed here, but if I were a generic org, and liked someone's work, I wouldn't care too much what tools they used. (So long as they e.g. produced outputs compatible with my systems.)


@tty @rozina It depends if you're asked to work with others on an existing project, and that they already have a set pipeline. I've had that happen to me, and had to refuse the work because I didn't want to use illustrator (was for the best in the end, but I was okay enough cash wise that i had the option to turn it down).

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