Recently went over the whole 100R website and optimized, resized all of the images. The site is much lighter now :>.

Notes on optimizing images:

@rek yup! just suggestions hehe. though I'm not sure if there are any significant differences in the end results of these methods

@joshavanier Oh yea they seem fine :>. Was just wondering if maybe you were familiar with both and thought these tools were better somehow. I just looked at the commands briefly.

@joshavanier In any case, i can add them as alternatives in the text :P

@rek they're just what I've been using for a couple of years now. I'll make some comparison tests later today after work though 'cause I'm quite curious now o.o

@rek wow, imagemagick does a better job at compression compared to jpegoptim

@rek @joshavanier Cool! For really savory size savings I guess AVIF would be something to look at. Supported in Firefox (sans about:config editing) since a month ago and it's been supported in Chrome for over a year. But no, no Edge or Safari support. So we have to serve multiple file formats, which sucks so bad it's almost not worth it.

@rek @joshavanier
I like "The lazy way" method described here:

"I take the maximum size the image can be displayed in CSS pixels, and I multiply that by two, and I encode it at a lower quality, as it'll always be displayed at a 2x density or greater. Yep. That's it."

Perhaps with a carefully compressed JPEG only, for simplicity.

@rek @joshavanier I've only used lately for compression BTW. But I have no idea if it's noticeably better (or worse) than jpegoptim or imagemagick though. I think I did some research on it before settling, but I can't say for sure. 😀 Would be interesting to compare.

@mikael @joshavanier I already had ImageMagick installed for a variety of other uses, so it was nice to be able to use it to compress images too.

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